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Tickets on sale now! Gary @ 413-478-0901...or Bob @ 413-786-1929!

Delicious Spaghetti & Meatballs and Pizza will be served at the Clarion on March 23rd!


The CLARION HOTEL is back! Back with serving meals at our show again!

Starting with March 23, 2019.
The Clarion will provide a Spaghetii & Meatball dinner
with Salad , rolls & butter for just $15.00!!
Not only that, they will also offer different Pizzas that can be delivered to your table. This is excellent news and we hope you will participate in the meals because it helps the hotel with their cost and it helps keep OUR cost we do not have to increase our tickets prices! It's a win-win situation for everybody! 
Look for a BLOCKBUSTER show on March 23, 2019, as we begin our 15th year!
Comments on the October 27, 2018 show at the Clarion Hotel!
FANTASTIC SHOW....Kudos to all involved!
- Faith-Mary Alaimo
Loved EVERY minute of it Mr. Soundman - Thanks! Audience: Your Da Best!
Great Job Bob!
-Bob Seda (Classic Sounds) 
- Brian Slack!
I think I was telling you guys about the doo wop show I had gone to several years ago - the same promoters!
- Mike Gilbert
You guys know how much I love it all!
- Nancy Posnick
We were there...great show!
(Gene Weeks - Maine)
Another masterpiece, all were terrific! - Gary & Bob - You guys ROCK!
(Carol & Joe Remillard)
This was a truly amazing show and the Manhattan Skyline is exceptional!
- Virginia Podsiadlo

Another fabulous performance by the Manhattan Skyline....Thanks to Gary & Bob for continually bringing
these great acts to the NE Doo Wop Society shows!!
- Ron DePoto
Many of you have asked what our policy is concering groups. We try
to concentrate on group harmony, with at least one ORIGINAL
member from the original group! We do not have somebodys brother, son or daughter,  or cousin of a performer as a headliner! We do not feature a guitar player that played with a group from 50 years ago as a lead other words...NO FLUFF! We try to formulate legitimate talent in all forms to round out our shows. Have an opinion?
We'd like to hear from you!




"People Are Talking".......about the New England Doo Wop Society Shows!


If you plan on booking a room for ANY show in the future, PLEASE book

at least one month BEFORE the show to get  

the special NEDWS price! 



The Hotel is asking that you NOT check in until 3:00 PM!

If you would like to call ahead and see if your room is available, please do that. Call 413-781-8750!

Thank you for your consideration! 


We are looking for a BIG year with many great acts

to grace the stage at the Clarion Hotel

in West Springfield, MA. Please check back often...

or listen to our Tuesday night oldie shows, at

9:00 pm on 90.7, WTCC-FM...or! 


Our NEW dates for 2019 are as follows:

Saturday, March 23rd


Saturday, June 22nd


Saturday, October 26th 





Thanks for your support.

We will start our 15th year on March 23, 2019 with a spectactular concert!! 




Thanks for your support!


Gary @ 413-478-0901 or Bob @ 413-786-1929

How To Reach Us:

Gary - Bob -



Is there some group that you would like to see at one of our shows in West Springfield, MA in the future?


Please e-mail us at








Are you looking for a dj service?

Look no further. The "Doo Wop Guys," a division of the New England Doo Wop Society is the one for you!

Tony & Gary have many years of experience in spinning the best music ever.  From anniversaries, class reunions, birthday parties, Jack & Jills, fundraisers, corporate functions and much more! 

Give them a call and find out how much fun you can have with "The Doo Wop Guys"! 

Call Gary at 413-478-0901 or Tony at 413- 896-0066.


Schedule for The "Doo Wop Guys" at the Collegian Court 

January 12th & 26th

February 9th & 23rd 

March 9th & 30th 

Come see us! 


               Are you receiving our Newsletter every week?  The Newsletter is FREE!!

The New England Doo Wop Society launched a Newsletter on Monday, September 17, 2012. If you would like to subscribe to it (absolutely FREE), just send an e-mail to The newsletter will be sent out every Monday and it will include information, photos, trivia and everything pertinent to music of the 50s and 60s....and some nostalgia. The newsletter will include segments on the Society (which includes their live concerts in Western Mass. and the New England states), Echoes of The Past, the magazine dedicated to the 50s and 60s, and the radio show , The Roots Of Rock & Roll, heard every Tuesday evening at (on the web). So, join us for some fun and information, every Monday with our new Newsletter.




 We operate on an extremely small and tight budget with a small staff that host over 4 events a year. These  events bring close to 2000 people into the Springfield business community. But we can't continue to do this without your support. Ticket office revenues cover only a portion of our operating budget.  Advertising and fundraising allows us to bridge the gap between ticket sales and operating expenses. Without individual donor support we could not keep the curtain up! So, any help from ANY business or individual is MORE than welcome! We will spotlight your business if you would like us too.

Thank you....and let's keep the music (and the shows) alive!

A SPECIAL TRIBUTE: In honor of Lou, Christian, brother, friend (baritone, 2nd tenor) of the Astors vocal group, Denny Cahill, brother, friend, tenor, the Astors vocal group & Denny O'Neill, brother, friend, baritone, the Astors vocal group. "I know you are all hittin' notes with the Big Guy.....R.I.P Brother George." A BIG THANKS - AGAIN - TO BROTHER GEORGE for ANOTHER DONATION!!

(Thank you George...from the Doo Wop Society). 


Thanks to Sue & Digger Baldyga for their generous donation! 

 We would like to thank Valerie Tzimoulis for her generous donation!

We would like to thank Cathy Swain & Ron Piteo for their generous donation! 

 We would like to thank Roger Pulowski for his generous donation! 

We would like to thank Don Richard for his generous donation! 

We would like to thank Rich Kaplan for his generous donation! 

We would like to thank Mark Edwards for his generous donation! 


Become a Friend of the New England Doo Wop Society with a donation. You'll receive a free gift, plus recogination at our live show and have your name listed in our program!  Call Gary at 478-0901 or Bob at 786-1929 for any questions.  Thank you!


















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